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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rest in Peace Proof

SLC of Grateful Dead News has been keeping the Dead and blogging communities updated on all the news related to The Dead for almost 3 years now. And today another young artist is taken from us, shot in the head in a Detroit nightclub.

Earlier this year, Proof was the best man at Eminem's wedding.

Last year, Proof formed his own record label, Iron Fist Records, and released his solo debut, "Searching for Jerry Garcia." The disc landed in stores Aug. 9, the 10th anniversary of The Grateful Dead frontman's death.

"Despite his genius, Jerry Garcia died from drugs, stress and a poor diet," Proof said in a statement issued around the time of the album's release. "At one time or another, we all struggle through one of those things, so in a way, we all have a little Jerry Garcia in us."


This is too bad. Proof was an amazing artist and was just beginning his rise as a solo artist. Proof, you'll be sorely missed, but we'll never forget you. R.I.P. Proof.
While it sucks he's dead, he did shoot first.
I read that! And the fight was over a pool game!

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