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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This is just how it works

I'm at work last week on the phones, as usual since I work in the call center. A guy walks by, never seen him before, a "new hire" and says "It's nice to see that pic of Jerry everyday as I walk through here". Two days later, I'm on the phones and he is leaving for the day. He walks by my cubicle and puts this tape on my desk. "Here's a little something for the ride home". I still don't know his name, still haven't said a word to him. That's just how it works. If I ever get off that phone I'll be sure to go say "hey". Sweet, really sweet!


Ummm, one good turn begets another, doesn't it, amiga??? Still enjoying that tape.

Thats the wierdest thing ever! very cool though!

My friends Miah and Jesse work at a call center with very cool folks...can't say nothing bad about 'em.
Looks like you have pulled there!

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