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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Which is it?

I understand the slang and even appreciate it from time to time. But which is correct and why the different versions? They all seem acceptable but why the variations, I wonder. Maybe it's a geographical thing?

If I weren't feeling so lazy right now I would look for one of those poll thingys. If anyone has a link to get one I'd appreciate if. But for now, I'll just leave this open for comments.

So which do you use, and why?




Or maybe you have yet another to share.


I use to be a sailor....I use the traditional, which I won't do here.
Okay, not to be indelicate, but frigging is finger-f***ing. Having said that, Friddin' is obviously the slang of the slang, said fast and droping the "g".

"Fricken" seems to be a regional variant, most notably used by some Canucks I know from BC.

And "Freakin'" seems to be the attempted whitewashing of the term to make it more acceptable a la "Goshdarn" and so forth.

Class dismissed.

Oh, I say both "friggin'" and "fricken", depending on my mood. More often than not, however, I just say "f***in'".
Wow Mark! I never, ever knew that "friggin" had anything to do with fingers! I might have guessed "fricken" to be guilty of that as in "licken", like in "finger licken".
Thanks for the info! Ya' learn something new everyday!
I meant "friggin'", not "friddin'". I don't know what that is. LOL


This gives two meanings, but the one I have always known is the second, specifically as in female masturbatin with fingers or a partner's fingers.

I'm a wealth of entertaining information.

no more, no less.
Aren't they all just polite replacements for f*cki*g? (I coulda said the word but don't know if you allow that here)
friggin is finger bangin???? ewwww
"friggin is finger bangin???? ewwww"

LOL What the hell have you got against that, Jane? I mean, as long as it feels good, it must be okay. At least I think so anyway....

"The preacher man call me a sinner,
but his little girl call me a saint!"

See #5, "New Minglewood Blues":
friggin in the US...slang for F**kin, Friggin in the UK..finger banging.
Hell On Heels:

I think it is a matter of hairsplitting (no pun intended!), really. The source you list gives altogether different definitions for frig, frigging, friggin', all essentially the sme word.


I use all the above. Just depends which one slips out first! I only ever use the "real" one when my kids are not around!
I've always understood "Friggin" to mean self-inflicted finger-banging - thankfully few other people are aware of that connotation, because I use it a lot as a replacement for f***ing. I also use Feckin', Fraggin', Frickin' depending on my mood.
I only use one of those freakin words.

Finger Banging? Is that like freakin with fingers?
Only namsy-pamsy ponces mask their profanity with seemingly non-profane variations. It's like committing murder with a spoon instead of a knife - the intent isthe same, you're just being shy about it.
freakin' / freakando (in honor of Maliavale, I think, or is it Nabbalicious?)

I prefer its sound because it's close to phreaking. Yah, I know. Nerdy.
If you were a science fiction fan you'd say frakking or frelling.

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