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Friday, May 05, 2006

I really have to wonder?

How many people who are bitching and moaning about border issues will be out "celebrating" Cinco de Mayo today? Just a thought. Carry on.


hmm interesting thought.

our office celebrated Cinco De Mayo with Mexican food for lunch and we're heading out for drinks after work, but we're all liberals and immegrants anyway.
Nice! Awesome observation, Helen.
Not me. I'm still sore from Nothing Gringo Day celebrated on Commie Workers Unite Day! I was referring to today as Cinco de Crapo Day.
"but we're all liberals and immegrants anyway."

The latter part is certainly true unless your name is Tonto, Kimosabe!
You took the words right out of my mouth Mark!
No cindo de mayo fiesta aqui mujer! ;)
Not a chance. I won't celebrate. That's my protest.
I have a feeling that Cinco de Mayo was invented by the folks at Corona and Cuervo.
I didn't even know it was cinco de mayo until a friend brought over a 40 of corona, which wasn't even consumed.

It would seem that celebrating Mexico and protesting illegal immigration from mexico are not mutually exclusive.

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