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Monday, May 01, 2006

If I drop anything, I'm screwed....

.................because today bending down is a real chore. I went for a "hike" with my guy yesterday. OK - I know how to walk. Hiking is walking in rough(er) terrain, right? RIGHT! Hiking is NOT rock climbing. As it turned out the hike was just the start of the "adventure". We climbed these rocks (White Rocks, Wallingford, Vermont) which in some cases were boulders. A little more traction would have been nice. The sneakers I had were a little worn. Also, some sort of protection on the palms of the hands would have been useful.
It should be noted that on the way to the mountain, we stopped at a local convenience/deli type place for a quick sandwich. On the way out, there is about a 2 inch step down. I fell. That's right, I fell. Now, do you think that falling off a 2 inch curb was a good indication that climbing up (and back down, mind you) may not have been the best idea for this girl on this particular day? But NO, on we go!
When all was said and done, I made it up and back down but in the future I will certainly be more prepared. Oh wait, I would have to have the information beforehand, now wouldn't I!

Update, May 2 - "A little perspective"
So here's the uh....rocks? (Boulders!) That little blue speck around the center. Yup, that would be me.


Um....Rock on, babe!

You are a brave soul. The fine weather has had us out as well - last Sunday I climbed like a mofo, and would you believe my calves are still killing me? Oh yeah.
I'm sorry you got hurt. I would be able to climb up..but then I would be stuck up there and never be able to make it back down LOL.
Awww. You are the cutest little blue speck. . . ^_^

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