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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Letter Carriers Food Drive

If you're local office is participating you should have received notice. This Saturday, May 13 you can place your food donation in your mailbox before your carrier arrives. It will be taken to the post office and delivered to local food banks or pantries.
Non-perishables please and check the expiration date. They also ask that you do not put food out that is in glass containers. Every little bit helps.


I'll do my part
Is it a good thing or bad thing to leave a couple of cases of cans for your walking mail carrier?
You guys have mail service on Saturdays?
"You guys have mail service on Saturdays?"

Yeah. Who doesn't???
Miss Jay is in Canada. I guess they don't have Saturday delivery. I never knew that but then again, why would I. So, I learned something new today! And Bill, I selected my non-perishables with weight in mind. I'm sure there are a few postal carriers our there grumbling about it!
Well, you know those Canadians, eh? Always wanting to just sit on the Riviera and drink beer, eh?

Betcha can't tell me where that reference came from!

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