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Friday, May 19, 2006

Things that make you go hm..........

A customer in Hawaii recently sent me a wonderful picture taken from his porch. I wanted to thank him and send him a picture taken from my own porch (fire escape!) I signed, sealed and reached for his envelope so I could address it. Putting it next to my envelope, this is what I saw. We are currently using the same stamps except he had one upside down and I got mine right side up this time! So, he, like me, keeps himself stocked up on stamps and got caught when the postage went up. We both had the same 37 centers and went and purchased the same 2 centers. What are the odds? I wonder how many people are out there using these same stamps and even more curiously, how many have corresponded with each other at the time. I thought it was pretty cool.


too weird!
If you get one more like that and out them together you get a map to where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. Why do you think it is called "Stamped Out"?
That is suppose to be "put" them together not "out" them together.
I'm with ya' buddy!
Synchronicities in the air!!
I use those stamps! Although I don't think I've gotten mail from anyone else using those same stamps.

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