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Monday, May 29, 2006


Bruce is still The Boss! It was a nice long weekend that didn't start out so nice (but the Vermont Trooper was a nice guy, even likes The Dead) nor did it end so nice (uh...boy trouble) but everything is the middle was just perfect. The band (20 of them) was perfect, the setlist was perfect, weather was perfect, company was perfect and Bruce, well I can't say enough about him. He is a pro and I don't think anyone could see him live and deny that. He knows exactly where to go with the crowd and what to do with them when we get there. The Pete Seeger Sessions was just the perfect progression for him from Devils and Dust.
Growing up with Bruce I realized as I watched him for the umpteenth time that he is the one musician from my early childhood that has stayed with me (and I with him) through thick and thin. Always there, always buying the ticket, always a great show. He is Bruce and there is no one like him. No one. And you can take the girl out of Jersey but you can't take The Boss out of the girl!

**Footnote: My love for The Dead and Jerry Garcia began much later in my life - in my young adulthood. That love is no less. That love will Not Fade Away.


Hey Helen,
Thanks for commenting on my post. It really is helpful when people leave comments so I'm trying to do it more. I also find that if people have left comments for me I tend to vote for them more. Don't know why, maybe it seems like we're friends now or something Freudian like that. :o)
I agree with all that you said, it boggles my mind how I can lose to the Hamburger but I have. So I've known that it isn't always about quality that's for sure.
So, I'm resigned to battle for the traffic. Which is what it is all about anyway.
Thanks for the visit and the comment, and now I'll be voting for you too... :o)
Hmmmmm - Bruce in Vermont? Say it aint so. Has he hit the bottom!?
"That love is no less. That love will Not Fade Away."

Whew! Had me worried for a sec! LOL
Welcome back!!! Bruce will always be the Boss! :)

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