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Friday, June 16, 2006

The old walk down memory lane

Going through piles, bags, albums and shoeboxes full of old pictures can be fun. You can do if for hours if you're in the right mood. In fact, the time goes by so quickly you don't even realize it's way past your bedtime. Now go lay down and try and sleep. Good luck with that. And the dreams! I was up every hour or two ALL NIGHT LONG. When going through your old photo's, take caution!


I hope you woke up with good thoughts.
I love looking at photographs from when I was little or when my kids were little. Something magical about that time of our lives. How many photos wouldyou say you looked thru?
First - Phil?? Which one?

And the photograph thing... A cup of coffee and me - alone curled up on the couch - ooohhh - hours pass me by... And it's like I have to get back to reality. A kind of -oh I dunno - like a trance or something where memories gush by!


Catchya later Lady!

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