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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

29 days and counting!

I'll be leaving for The Gathering of the Vibes in just 29 days and I need to start my lists.

What to bring:

What to leave home:

That about does it. I'm ready! Let's Go!

"Love like ya never been hurt, and Dance like nobody is watchin~Keller Williams"


Maybe I'll meet you at the Jubilee!
Sounds like a hoot! Make sure you tell us about it when you get back. :)
I so love your attitude about life. You are definately sunshine on a cloudy day.
Have fun!
You're gonna' have a great time. Good for you! Think of me in a moment of joy...that's all I ask for, a moment.

Have a blast, my friend.
Have fun Helen. Give us a report when you get back
Have a great time and be careful of the heat ...

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