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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wizard Animation

I found this over at Jerico Blog and thought it was a rather clever way to generate a little extra traffic to your blog.

25 Peeps

Give it a click and sign up. It takes about 60 seconds, if that. If you don't have 60 seconds than you really need to slow down a bit!



Yeah, it's cute!
And it stopped me to drop a message here. ^_^
oops... I thought you meant the Wizard Text! :p
Fuck that thing!!! LOL Every time I try it says my addy doesn't look like a web URL.

Oh well....
Actually, Jerico just got added to the front page of 25peeps today, it takes a lot longer than I thought for it to move through, but they probably have a long list of people waiting to get on.

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