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Friday, July 07, 2006

I like the skin

I didn't follow the directions! I happen to like that skin on top of the pudding and always thought it was the best part!


I'm so relieved! Here I've carried this secret for years...and now I know that somebody else is just as friggin weird as I am. I will peel the skin off pudding and put it back in the fridge just to get another layer; though, the original virgin skin is always the best.
That is my favorite part also. One time this older guy, I was teenager at the time, saw me peeling the skin off to eat later; he thought I was going to throw it out. He yelled at me because he thought I was going to get rid of the best part.

So, you are not alone.
Yer weird, babe! LOL
as a child i used to hate the skin but now?
that is the best part and yes Bill, you are so right!
Yay! Kindred spirits found here!
The skin rocks!

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