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Friday, October 20, 2006

Apology to France

This is beautiful!


Thanks for stopping by my Blog!
That's funny!
very funny indeed.
LOL Helen, I love it!!!
And just think - the carpet bagger from NY is running for re-election and potentially a VP run in a couple of years.
Helen, that's freaking hilarious!!!
Thanks for the much needed laugh, my friend.


p.s. I haven't been around much lately - hope you've been well.
I have a feeling our country will be apologizing to the world for Bush for generations to come.
Yes it is good to laugh at one's self.

Helen, I wish there were more things to laugh at.

How about if we were in Vichy France in late 1939..we could crack some good hitler jokes now couldn't we?

It is left to the peasants to crack jokes about the ruling class, but peasants are not smart enough to realize much more than bread and circuses.

Their dreams were not interrupted by anyone.....


Lasy people always have a curse or something bad to say about the accomplished.


Sometimes we let our minds get lazy and let idiots put words in our mouth.

Helen, I like you blog.

Nothing I said in this comment should be taken personal....it's only an observation about the group think you surround yourself with. I am feeling like Will Rogers tonight, sorry....


Your blogs rock, and here's to you and yours.....Cheers.
I love that.

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