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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dead woman wins election

How could you not love this?

WASHINGTON: Marie Steichen died two months ago but she won a battle to become a county commissioner for a small South Dakota town in the US elections, an official said.

Jerauld county auditor Cindy Peterson said that the election list closed on August 1, and while Steichen died from cancer in September her name was kept on the list for Tuesday's election.

Steichen beat a Republican rival by 100 votes to 64 and Peterson said she believed that voters knew the woman was dead but wanted to make their political point.



I'd vote for her. The goverment would run better.
I'd vote for a rock before I would vote for a Republican.
heh....sweet justice.

Remember when John Ashcroft lost to a dead candidate? (I bet they didn't know he could sing!)
You know the Republican party is in big trouble when dead people are voted for over their candidates.
I like it.

Are you sure it wasn't a Vermont election?
Isn't it marvelous when the people speak?
Thanks for sharing, visiting my blog, and the pronunciation help.
Wishing you a marvelous weekend,
Awesome political statement.
(and rofl to jay's comment!)
Pretty blog here, Helen.

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