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Thursday, January 03, 2008

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The message could be a bit clearer but what's wrong about it?

The United States government and citizens give more to charitable causes each and every year than any other nation. And while this picture is British, the same can be said about the UK: we live in selfish societies, for the most part.

People (in general) want to close their eyes and not see the suffering in the world. This will enable them to build a nice DVD collection for themselves and not feel guilty about. Women can buy $300 pairs of shoes and men can shop for custom tailored $1,000 suits. Make more money? Spend more money. Why drive a Buick when a BMW is better? Why live in a 2,000 square foot home when you can afford a 7,500 square foot home? Why have just one home when you can get a vacation home in the mountains or at the lake or beach?!

It really is sick to me and this ad illustrates that for nice personal items that might make us feel and/or look more important, we could use that money to feed people who can't feed themselves. Not only feed people but give them CLEAN water to drink. Give them simple medications that we westerners usually take completely for granted.

I understand the need for spending to help the economy. And I understand the need for spending to get what we need. But why don't more people want to live a humble life that helps others rather than just themselves?

Again, I recognize America and Americans give very generously... but the truth is we could do so much more if we all just opened our eyes and kept them open. No one needs a well-manicured lawn and backyard swimming pool with a Hummer in the garage when children are starving to death.

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