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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Three out of Four

Bill won't be there. Maybe he's a Republican? Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just sayin'.....................

Info here - Thank you Phil. You ARE the man!

Simulcast here - Monday Feb. 4th


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I really liked Edwards, but now that he's out of it, I'm voting for Obama. I think he's really gaining momentum. But I will be happy as long as a Democrat is elected, unless of course, the elections are rigged...AGAIN.
>>Not that there's anything wrong >>with that.

I'll say it for you,honey.... Yes,being a Republican IS wrong! There. I said it and I'm proud of it! :-)
I'm with you, Helen.

Yes,being a Republican IS wrong!

"They (good and evil) exist together in their little game, each with its special place and special humors. I dig 'em both. What is life but being conscious? And good and evil are manifestations of consciousness. If you reject one, you're not getting the whole thing that's there to be had."

-Jerry Garcia

No, I'm not a Republican. I just like to keep my options open.

"Yes,being a Republican IS wrong!"

This thinking is really bad for America. If we all had to choose one side or the other, we're essentially a nation evenly divided, 50/50, neighbors disagreeing with neighbors over the issues. Calling one side "wrong" will just keep that division going strong. What gets solved within that atmosphere? Not a lot.

As far as Billy K missing the Obama show, well, he lives in Hawaii and I don't know if he leans right or left but that's a long flight for just 2½ hours of music. I realize it would have been with some of his closest friends on Earth... still a long way to go. Or maybe he had other plans he couldn't get out of. The show was organized rather last minute versus way ahead of time like mostly everything usually is.

P.S. the show is on SugarMegs.org for folks to check out.
This thinking is really bad for America.

Being a Republican is bad for America! Starting wars and trampling the constitution and human rights isn't??

Being closed-minded and making assumptions about individuals based on party affiliation is bad for anyone.

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