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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Stolen from Hallucinogenius


Sad cartoon. I don't think fixing the Earth is truly a priority especially when you start comparing problems like poverty in Africa that makes poverty in America look like living like a King, or the AIDS epidemic that isn't paid attention to like it is in developed nations, children without simple medications, villages without clean water (not because of pollution, but in desert regions and it has to be drilled for.) So many other things like the hell for women in some Islamic nations, the human rights abuses in China... there's so much that deals with real human beings. Not that certain problems with the Environment don't... but many Environmental problems, they don't necessarily play into certain types of human suffering. No matter what the suffering is, we wouldn't want to suffer like so many do -- then why do we allow it to happen to them?

Then there's the Earth's suffering. Everyday on the news I hear something or I read something about "going green" and this and that... but what can America solve when China and India and Russia and others... well, it's rather unpleasant to think what other nations do when it comes to polluting. It's like they don't care. We're the cleanest toilet bowl in the universe compared to the greasy pits of hell those places are. Obviously even here we could care more... we should. But that's just here and with the world population constantly adding more and more people... the problems are building while the solutions are not. And then you've got the people who just don't care. "There is no crisis. Whatever we do, it doesn't matter anyway." I don't know if there's any true crisis that's going to explode and all of a sudden be a massive unfixable problem... but the problems are BAD and to not do anything, that'll just allow the problems to get even more worse than they are. Way to help there, people. I just don't get it. What a Wonderful World? It is in many ways... but at the same time it's so broken and we, the human race, Mankind, yeah, we're just gonna keep letting problems become bigger problems because after all, isn't American Idol and crap like that MUCH more important than matters that truly affect us and this planet we share?

So sad.
There you go talking about me again...


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