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Monday, November 03, 2008

One More Day!


Nice one Helen, this is what we need to see. My fingers are crossed for the change.
Super you tube, Helen.
I cried w/ joy, watching the "spontaneous peaceful celebrations" in front of the White House. I wish I could have been physically part of history in the making, but had no ride downtown... Still, it was a sight to behold on TV: a beautiful sight of diverse people smiling and hugging and cheering!
Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did it!!!!

wanted you to knmow my blog moved due to some unfortunate circumstances, but I have not stopped writing. For an invite I will need an email address. If you are not comfortable with this that's cool, but it's the only way to keep it private between people I trust online and keep out stalkers and such. Appreciate your support over the years and keep blogging.
Happy New Yr!

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